The camping season runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day, with off-season camping available upon request. The Park avails itself of 111 paved campsites, 75 which are equipped with electric hook ups. A picnic table is provided for each campsite and charcoal grills are placed throughout the area. The Park maintains three comfort stations with showers for campers’ convenience.

All sites are camper-friendly and a dumping station is included in the camping fee.

Campsites are available on a first-come first-served basis except for listed holidays when up to one half of the sites may be reserved. To see a detailed map click here.


Please contact the US Army Corp of Engineers for prices/questions at 814-763-4422 or

Camping Rules


Woodcock Lake Park is operated by the U.S·. Corps of Engineers,Inc.


To Insure everyone has an equal opportunity to enjoy their stay at the Park, we shall ask everyone to abide equally a few common sense camping rules and regulations.

1.          Build only moderate, sensible fires in the fire rings. Fire rings are not to be moved.

2.          No firearms, fireworks or alcohol in the Park.

3.          Only one tent is permitted in addition to your main camping unit per site. Only one vehicle per site except where approval is

             obtained from the Park Director.

4.          Site occupancy is limited to 5 people per site (over 5 people there is a $3 fee per person per night).

5.          Visitors In the campground must register at the Park Office. Campground closes to visitors at 9 p.m. Visitors must leave by 11 p.m. due to quiet hours             (quiet hours are 8 a.m.).

6.          Car passes are to be displayed at all times.

7.          Check in time is 2 p.m. on the first day of the rental period. Check out time is 2 p.m. on the final day.   

8.          Do not cut trees or mutilate foliage. Please do not take shortcuts through campsites with vehicles

9.          Only one picnic table per site. Arrangements can be made for additional tables at a fee of $2.for each additional table.

10.         Motorized vehicles must be licensed to be permitted in the Park & can only be operated on roads and parking areas open to public vehicular traffic.              Riding or driving bicycles or any other vehicles is not permitted except on roads and trails provided for that purpose.

11.         Please do not let small children use the comfort stations unsupervised by an adult. You must be 18 years of age to rent a campsite. Each site must              have one responsible individual 18 years of age or older staying on the site.

12.         Maintain a slow speed in and out of the camping sites. Obey speed limit signs posted throughout the park.

13.         Please keep all pets on a leash (not to exceed 6' in length) reasonably quiet and attended at all times. Pets are not permitted in the swimming area.

14.         The length of stay at the campgrounds shall be limited to 14 consecutive days; occupancy of a campsite for a period of greater than 14 consecutive              days is prohibited without permission from the Park Superintendent.

15.         Camping equipment shall be completely removed & the site cleaned before departure of the campers.       .

16.         You must check into the park office before you set up on a campsite.

17.         Immoral, indecent conduct and profanity or offensive language will not be tolerated.

18.         All camping cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance of reservation for a refund.


We assume no responsibility for lost or damaged property.

If you fail to comply with the rules, you will be asked to leave the park.


Thank You

Steve Scott, Director


What To Do

Enjoy a day on the lake - boats 10 hp and less are welcome.

Stocked with Muskee, Walleye and Bass this 333 acre lake offers excellent fishing.

From Memorial Day through Labor Day, our campground offers a variety of sites to fit your needs.

The swim beach is open daily to the public throughout the summer, 9 AM until dusk.

Maintained trails wined through the Park grounds and into the surrounding areas.

Reserve one of our picnic pavilions for your event today!